Ida Said What?!

I can’t believe it … I remember in high school thinking about the year 2000 and it seemed so impossibly far away as if it were science fiction!

We didn’t trust anyone over 30!

Pollution was barely even on the radar, computers were huge machines that filled up rooms and could only spit out numbers. We did have new incredible technology: rotary dial phones which, in an emergency, you dialled 9 9 9 – it seemed to take forever!

If you had told me then:

That people would camp out for days, exposed to the elements to get the latest phone or to see the latest movie.


That I’d be paying $2.50 for an 8oz bottle of water … on a golf course … ME? … on a friggin’ golf course? PLEASE!!!


That an ounce of weed could cost up to $300, and that I could buy it legally?


That I would have to stand in line waiting at an airport for longer than it took for me to actually get to my destination because of terrorists!


The only terrorists I knew were 3 years old and babysitting them was torture!

That on the other hand … the pilot could be a gorgeous woman or … a transgendered man?


That I would still be rockin’ … and not in a chair … after 40 years in Harlequin!

I hope I haven’t offended anyone … just having fun but if I have … chalk it up to senility!!


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