How did the dinosaurs feel when that cataclysmic event struck 66 million of years ago?

Did I hear someone say … Ask George?

That was certainly the most significant and devastating event in world history, until now!

Life on Earth has never been easy, but I dare say that if you had a choice to pick the era to be born in, this latest century would be the one most people would pick. Life can be difficult, but we must realize how lucky we are today to be living in these times despite all the current goings-on. Before Covid-19 there was the Bubonic Plague, Smallpox, Polio, and war after war after war, yet there is less conflict today than ever in human history. We are more likely to succumb to obesity, commit suicide, or overdose than die in a conflict. Man is now living longer than ever. There is talk of us achieving immortality, reversing climate change, and Artificial Intelligence may soon be a virtual part of your DNA!!!

This pandemic has me craving for the company of my family and friends more than any other earthly offering! Entertainers thrive and feed off that magic that happens when the crowd applauds but I dare say the most fulfilling part is being able to take you with us on that journey far away from our troubles and woes! THAT is the magic, the high … that keeps us needing you! The loss of human contact is one thing but not being able to “give” a live performance with my musical brothers is almost unbearable! My band mates have all made this truly clear to me as well … we miss you all desperately!

 Perspective? It is better to give than to receive!

What am I getting at?

This event is significantly harder on individuals who live with depression, anxiety, or other mental illnesses. I am sure you know more than one! They need your help! So … get on the phone, email, or even write a letter to someone you may suspect is having a hard time. Make it personal! Social media is fine, but so very impersonal!

All our love to all of you!!
George & the boys

PS We will be working on a video which will include snippets of new stuff, old hits done acoustically in different genres. These will all be done in a Legal Covid environment. Masks will be worn when warranted, however … we may not be wearing any pants!!!

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