Who Is The April Fool?

What’s news on April Fools’ Day?

Hello Harlequin fans and concerned, curious people across the country!

I am George Belanger and have been for decades 😉 the lead singer and a songwriter for the band Harlequin – despite many reports to the contrary!

Who knows how these things get misconstrued, but I attribute it to several factors: modern society’s insatiable appetite for news and to the internet as a dubious source of … information?

I’ve been fielding phone calls, emails and texts for days from misinformed fans.

It has come to the point that I need to take my head out of the sand and address the news stories that went nationwide with headlines such as this:

“Harlequin singer joins Streetheart”

And this I quote from a TV report in my hometown:

“Streetheart is going back on the road with a lead singer whose voice might sound familiar to Winnipeggers. They’ve teamed up with Paul McNair of Harlequin who led their group with a slate of hits such as Innocence, Thinking Of You….”

Yikes … my whole career wiped out in one fell swoop … ha ha!

As a group we are so grateful to still be doing what we love to do! We appreciate the dedicated Harlequin fans that still show up, time after time, to cheer us on.

Fear not for I, George Belanger – who, from this day forward, shall be known as simply Geo – will still be there on stage in my usual capacity. 😉

Paul McNair is indeed singing for Streetheart and we wish them well!

Now do me a favour and start another rumour … or is it?

Get on your Facebooks and Twitters and Instagrams – and whatever else constitutes social media these days – and get the word out:

Chris Burke-Gaffney of The Pumps and Orphan is now singing with Harlequin. 😜

Yours truly,
Geo … Now stir up some crap!

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